ZX10R 2011 Spiegler Braided Brake Lines - NON ABS ONLY

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  • Item #: S-KA0335
  • Manufacturer: Spiegler
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Price $110.00

Does not fit the ABS Version of the 2011 ZX-10R

Spiegler braided brake lines do not expand like the OEM rubber lines do under the stress of heat/pressure which improves feel and insures consistency of your braking performance. These kits replace the single line that splits into two from your master cylinder with 2 separate lines direct from the master cylinder to each caliper.

Additionally ALL Spiegler lines are DOT approved and offer their unique torsion design allowing easy positioning of the fittings to eliminate any misalignment between the caliper and master cylinder.


We stock Spiegler lines with the black PVC coating and black banjo bolts, but custom colors can be ordered for no additional charge. Just be aware that it will take a minimum of 5 extra days to have the lines made to your order

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