Rework OEM Kawasaki Ohlins Damper

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  • Item #: DRW
  • Manufacturer: Kyle Racing
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Price $84.99

On the later model Kawasaki ZX10R and ZX6R an Ohlins Steering damper is installed as a stock damper. But it is made to Kawasaki's Spec and does not have as much damping as an aftermarket Ohlins damper.

Do not send your damper to California

Kyle Racing East
4500 North US-1
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If you want to use PayPal instead of a credit card simple email us
tell us what you want and the shipping postal code. We will work out
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In some cases the amount of damping available is simply not enough. We can fix that!

We can upgrade your Stock Ohlins Steering Damper.

We install the two parts that are different, the Needle and Seat.

The cost to do this is $86 for parts and labor.

Turnaround time is generally same day we receive your damper, but sometimes it does take a couple days depending on how many units arrive in a given day..

Kawasaki uses two types of Manual Ohlins Damper, we work on either one, same price.

This does not work for the EC Electronic Controlled Ohlins Dampers.

If you intend to do your own parts install READ THIS

Yes, we will sell you the parts you need. Be advised though that this requires many special tools as you can see in the pictures. Additionally if you try to do your own install and fail and then send your damper to us to fix we are still going to charge you the full $85 charge even though you already purchased the parts.

If your damper has the allen head type oil plug you will also need the reservoir part.

You will also need Ohlins Oil that is available here


You can prepay via Paypal or credit card and ship us your damper, using US mail, UPS, FedEx or any other shipping service. Or bring it in in person and we will do it while you watch.

Kyle Racing East
4500 North US-1
Suite 105A
Bunnell FL 32137

We typically ship it back via UPS Ground, but other options are available if required..

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