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You will need to ship your forks to the following address:

4500 North US-1
Suite 105A
Bunnell FL 32110


We now have 2 options for the RC51:

Option 1 - 20mm Ohlins Valving Upgrade consists of replacing the current valve spec to a much better spec with Ohlins parts, polishing the fork tubes to reduce friction, modifying the top-out springs, replacing the forks springs, new preload spacers and Ohlins fork oil.

We have literally done thousands of these re-works and the results speak for themselves. Ask around on any RC51 forum and you will hear nothing, but positive results for this rework process that we have down to a science. You get back a set of forks that work exactly like they are supposed to. They are compliant offering increased traction and this also alleviates the dreaded vagueness of feedback from the OEM forks. All for $700 plus about $65 (Shipping costs have gone up drastically here in 2022) for shipping your forks back to you anywhere in the continental USA.

Option 2 - Is the coolest RC51 mod we have done to date. We are retro-fitting the latest & greatest Ohlins 30mm NIX Cartridge Kits into the OEM SHOWA forks. This was never even an option back in the day with the RC51 as Ohlins never made a cartridge kit for the RC so to have this kind of performance available is a real treat for RC51 owners who are very aware of how shrinking the aftermarket parts supplies are for this bike. $1849 installed covers the cost of the kit with springs, labor for installation, custom extended fork caps and Ohlins Fork oil add to that $45 for shipping your forks back to you anywhere in the continental USA. (international shipping will be additional cost
email us for quote)

We can also replace the bushings and seals with OEM components at your request. This is recommended for most high mileage forks as many RC51's are at this point.

Call (831)-394-1330 or
email us for more details or International shipping quotes or you can purchase the items below and simply send your forks to us with a copy of the online receipt

If you want to use PayPal instead of a credit card simply email us
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