Kyle USA Panigale Ride Height Tool

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  • Manufacturer: Kyle Racing
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The Kyle Racing Panigale ride height tool used to measure the rear ride height and to allow precise setting of that height to our specs,

Our tool is made to duplicate the measurement numbers we get from Ohlins and from race teams all over the world. Including Factory Ducati Teams.

This tool is the real deal, it is not cheap. Simple, and Fast to use. Repeatable Measurements.

It is made from Stainless Steel, main body and locator, with 7075 black anodized parts, threaded lock in section.

It will not scratch your frame, or the subframe.

As any measurement tool needs to fit with aftermarket accessories, like different brands, types and shapes of Rear Sets, this tool will fit with any type of rear set, including the DP.

Ride height recommendations are as follows:

The measurement is from the top of the tool to the center of the axle and according to Ohlins 217mm is the sweet spot with the link in the Flat Position and swingarm length at 540mm

That generally makes the shock length about 306mm

This tool allows you to measure the rear ride height and set to a known number or get back to a known number when adjusting the rear chain, Installing a new shock, installing a different suspension link.