Kyle USA Linear Suspension Link for Triumph 675

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  • Manufacturer: Kyle Racing
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Kyle USA Linear Suspension Link with side plates for Triumph 675

Keeps the rising rate suspension more linear for added traction.

We recommend this link to be used with the Ohlins Mark 2 TTX shock the TR039 and that both the spring rate be changed as needed to match your weight and the standard

Aditional improvements can be Made by changing the Valving spec to better match the characteristics of this link.



Designed By Suspension/Geometry Expert Jon Cornwell. His company is Moto Mode.

This fits The Triumph 675

This link is an absolute must for anyone racing or doing Track riding with a 675 Triumph.

Instruction for spring rates, recommended Valving will come with the link.

The Suspension link is made by Kyle Racing in our in house machine shop.

You will receive one link and two side plates. Our link is much longer than the stock link, see picture above.

In the picture shocking the graphs.

The stock link is the is the black line, our link is the Purple line.

The graph on the left shows the Progressive/Linear rate of the link. A flat line would be linear.

For a solo rider with the correct spring for their weight will fine an improvement in rear grip, feedback, and better ride quality.

The right graph shows the "Start rate" of the link. Having a lower start rate is what allows us to use a lighter rate spring.

The link has new bearing and dust seals installed, you will reuse the stock pin in the bearing. All bolts and torque setting are the same as stock, please refer to the Triumph 675 shop manual for specs.

Both the link and side plates are made from high strength 7075 aluminum and Black anodized.

The rear suspension link changes the rate of the "Rising Rate Suspension"

It makes it more Linear, this will give the rear tire more grip as well as a better ride quality if you are using the bike with no Passenger.

It also changes the "Start Rate" of the suspension. This means we use a lighter rate spring as Our Base spring .

An example is the Standard Recommended Ohlins spring for the Ohlins TTX shock is a 100 Nmm spring, with this link the new spring would be a 95 Nmm