Kyle USA Linear Suspension Link for BMW S1000RR

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  • Manufacturer: Kyle Racing
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Kyle USA Linear Suspension Link for BMW S1000RR

Keeps the rising rate suspension more linear for added traction.


This link fits All BMW S1000RR from 2010-2013

We recommend this link to be used with the Ohlins Mark 2 TTX shock the BM930 for the 2012 and 2013, the BM931 for the 2010 and 2011

We keep all three shocks in stock as well. Please see our Ebay auctions for these.

The standard Valving Spec should be changed to better match the characteristics of this link. But you can run the stock spec as well.


The stock Ohlins spec for these shocks are BM930 C35/R5       BM931 C35/R6          BM932 C35/R6    

We prefer C6/R5 or C36/R5 for this link

We can perform this service as well or provide the parts to do this.

The standard spring rate is OK

The Suspension link is made by Kyle Racing in our in house machine shop.

The main link (triangular part) starts off as a 6.25 lb Block of 7075 the strongest, and most expensive common aircraft grade aluminum, also made in the USA. Less expensive common aluminum include 6061 and 2024.

The 6.25 lb block is machined for 1 hour and 15 minutes down to the finished part weighting .55 lbs  See pictures

The two side arms, also made from 7075 take 20 minutes each to machine

After the billet machined parts return from having type 2 Black anodizing applied, the 6 needle bearings are installed along with the seals.

You will receive one triangular link, two side arms and one center spacer as shown in the above pictures.

All aluminum parts are anodized Black


You will need to remove the plastic needle supports, they are there only for shipping purposes, you can remove them with your fingers.

You will reuse the OEM inner bearing rods as well as the OEM bolts, install using OEM torque specs.


The rear suspension link changes the rate of the "Rising Rate Suspension"

It makes it more Linear, this will give the rear tire more grip as well as a better ride quality if you are using the bike with no Passenger.


In real terms this gets you more rear tire traction and a better quality ride.

Please contact us with any questions. 831 394 1330