Kyle Throttle Tube/Adj. Angle Bars/Needle Bearings

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  • Item #: 9061
  • Manufacturer: Kyle Racing
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This is a complete kit with the Kyle Racing Throttle tube, Adjustable Angle bars and needle bearings for the 848/1098/1198. Uses the OEM handlebar clamp. Eccentrically machined handlebars offer wide range of adjustability from 2-8 degrees. Needle bearing assembly fits inside your stock throttle tube removing any slack and freeplay in the grip while offering a superbly smooth turn. You will also need to purchase a set of bar end weights to keep the needle bearing assembly in place. These are made from Stainless Steel (also offered in Black Powdercoat finish) and available in various lengths and/or machined to fit CRG bar end mirrors.

We are also now offering the bar end weights in black powdercoat as can be seen in the pic below (one stainless and one powdercoated black)

Our new throttle tube is a ONE piece billet machined Black anodized 6061 Aluminum.

It is a "Snail" shape to give you more control at low throttle settings and faster movement at high throttle settings and designed to work with either the stock handlebar or with our Needle bearing bars.

Replacement bars also available



What are customers say:

I went for a 4 hour ride this weekend with the new bars and throttle tube.  Before I rode I honestly did not think the change in riding position changed that much, but after 4 hours of riding and no wrist pain I think I was proven wrong.   Its amazing how much more comfortable the ride is. - JT