Kyle Racing Adjustable Angle bars for 848/1098/1198

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  • Item #: 9052
  • Manufacturer: Kyle Racing
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Price $135.00
Sale Price $120.00

Kyle Racing Adjustable Angle bars for 848/1098/1198. Uses the OEM handlebar clamp. Eccentrically machined handlebars offer wide range of adjustability from 2-8 degrees Optional Stainless Steel (or black powdercoat finish) bar end weights also available in various lengths and/or machined to fit CRG bar end mirrors.

Titanium bar ends are not available in powdercoated finish



What are customers say:

I went for a 4 hour ride this weekend with the new bars and throttle tube.  Before I rode I honestly did not think the change in riding position changed that much, but after 4 hours of riding and no wrist pain I think I was proven wrong.   Its amazing how much more comfortable the ride is. - JT