Honda 919 Sato Racing Rear Sets

Honda 919 Sato Racing Rear Sets
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  • Item #: 9102
  • Manufacturer: Sato Racing
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Price $545.00


Fully adjustable, the finest made rear sets available, Positioning starts at stock location and can be moved up and back. Uses ball bearings instead of bushingsfor the most solid feel possible. Anodized to keep that new look and available in Black or Silver. Includes hydraulic brake light switch. Also available are bolt on rear passenger pegs, see options.
1 10mm Back 20mm Up
2 10mm Back 30mm Up
3 20mm Back 30mm Up
4 20mm Back 40mm Up
5 30mm Back 40mm Up


Whether you are wanting to get a little more ground clearance so you'll stop dragging your foot pegs or wanting the solid mounted pegs that work like frame sliders or just want to improve the looks of the bike these are the last rear sets you need to look at. More pics including some of the optional passenger peg kit and details available at