GIBBS Lubricant 2 Pack

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Gibbs 12oz Aerosol Can 2 Pack with Free Shipping


GIBBS™ increases the life and operating efficiency of parts, equipment, and tools.

GIBBS™ Brand Lubricant is the first patented product of its kind designed to lubricate, stop and eliminate corrosion, displace moisture, penetrate, clean, and provide long-lasting protection. Its revolutionary formula is the only product on the market today that does it all!

Originally developed in 1969 by Paul Gibbs, a Harley-Davidson mechanic, to use in the marine, automotive, and cycle industry, GIBBS is a supreme penetrating, multi-surface conditioner that works in all temperatures. The unique release valve nozzle dispenses lubricant exactly where you want it without drips or runs.

PROTECTS against rust and corrosion and keeps parts friction-free leaving behind a microscopic protective film that remains on the metal even after repeated use, harsh environmental conditions, and long-term storage. Seals moisture out, puts lubricant in.

LUBRICATES all moving parts such as wheel bearings, hinges, rollers, chains, and gears and completely waterproofs machinery wiring, ignition systems, and circuitry.

Belt Dressings
Contact Cleaners
Spray-on Lubricants
White Lithium Grease
Carburetor Cleaners
Ignition Wire Driers

Contains no waxes, silicones, Teflon, graphite, or kerosene.
It’s even safe to use on glass, plastic, leather, rubber, nylon, and wood!

CLEANS the build-up and adhesion of all types of soils and contaminants, including varnish, carbon deposits, chemical residues, sludge and rust; or material that is generated externally, such as scale, welding slag, rust, and machining and metal debris.

PENETRATES to free rusted, corroded frozen parts and fastners like nuts, bolts, fittings, valves, locks and other rotating parts. Restores metal to its original shine.

Weapons & Firearms
Penetrates and lubes to eliminate jamming and keeps parts friction-free leaving a microscopic protective film behind. It remains on the metal even after repeated firing, environmental conditions and long-term storage.

Removes and prevents the build-up and adhesion of all types of stubborn fouling, including plastic searing in shotguns.

Has a viscosity that is so thin it will not attract dirt, sand or dust, or jell in cold weather.

Reduces bore wear and keeps mechanisms clean and corrosion free without harming the primer. It can also be used on trigger groups, bolt carriers, operating rods, slides, magazines, clips, and barrels of pistols.

Treats and preserves wood stock and barrel bluing. It provides excellent rust protection and reduces corrosion, carbon and lead build-up. It won’t damage leather, rubber, wood, glass-filled polymers, or plastics.

Waterproofs weapons and will not wash off in fresh or salt water making it the ideal lubricant around marine environments.

Is not oily or slippery when properly used so your grip will always be secure.

Makes weapons cleaning easier after treatment since conditioning results in friction reduction to the constantly-lubricated moving metal parts. Cleaning time can be reduced by 50% with regular use.

Prevents corrosion on all types of metal—handcuffs, knives, skeet launches, and reloading mechanisms.

Provides excellent rust protection and reduces corrosion on rechargeable light sticks and night vision and surveillance power packs.

GIBBS BRAND LUBRICANT is preferred by law enforcement professionals, military personnel, sporting enthusiasts, and rifle and machinery museums.