DID ERV3 or ZVM-X 520 chain conversion + sprockets

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  • Item #: Chain Set 520
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Price $260.00

We use DID ERV7 520 pitch 120 link gold chain as it has long proven its strength and reliability under race conditions with sportbikes for decades now. We also use steel countershaft sprockets and hard anodized aluminum rear sprockets supplied by either AFAM, Drive Systems or PBR to create a high quality, performance kit for most sportbike makes and models.

DID has recently come out with a brand new ZVM-X 520 chain that is rated to 1200cc's by their standards and it only weighs .3 of a lb more than the ERV3 520 and has become increasingly popular with our customers with higher Horsepower bikes like the S1000RR or hightly tuned literbikes for racing use. You can choose this chain as an option over the ERV3 Race Chain at no additional charge.

Another option we are offering are the Drive Systems Superlight Steel Rear Sprockets. These sprockets are heavier than the hard anodized aluminum alloy sprockets, but they are still lighter than the OEM steel sprockets. They are also significantly cheaper and obviously will last longer than aluminum so if longevity is your goal rather than outright weight loss these are a great compromise for you. Be aware that these new Steel Rear Sprockets are not available for every single bike. If it is not available for your bike we will contact you and ask if you want to purchase the Alloy version instead. We keep both Alloy and Steel sprockets in stock for most current sportbikes, but it is virtually impossible to stock every single combination so in the event we do not have the sprocket you need on the shelf it may take us a couple of days to get it before we can ship your order.

During the Checkout process you must tell us the following in the Special Instructions section or your order will not be processed:

Bike Year and Model: (example "2006 CBR1000RR")   Don't forget to mention any special issues like Marchesini wheels that require special sprockets etc...

If you are unsure of what gearing you would like or have additional questions feel free to call us 831-394-1330 and one of us will help you decide on the gearing that best suits your needs

Please Note: if you have installed aftermarket wheels you may need sprockets that are not the same type as what originally came on your bike.

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