CRG 2" Bar end Mirror

CRG 2" Bar end Mirror
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  • Item #: 6004
  • Manufacturer: CRG
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Price $49.95

CRG 2" Mirror - Black

These are designed to clamp directly onto any 7/8" handlebar.
If you are using hollow bars you can use the CRG Mount Kit Adapter
that fits inside the bar


Or if you are using our Kyle Racing clip-on Bars (8mm) or a bar that will accept
an 8mm or 6mm bolt you can use our special Stainless Steel Bar Ends that are machined with
a groove to accept the CRG mirrors. Just be certain of which size you need before
you order.

Our Bar End weights are sold as a PAIR, but there is an option if you want one regular bar end
and one machined one if you are only using one mirror