BMW S1000RR / HP4 520 chain conversion Kit

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  • Item #: BMW 520 Chain Set
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Price $235.00

This kit is for the BMWS1000RR and HP4 model Only

Do not purchase this kit if you have any bike other than a BMW S1000RR or HP4

We prefer the DID ZVM-X 520 pitch 120 link gold chain for the S1000RR as it is the strongest chain we know of (and also one of the most expensive), steel countershaft sprockets and while we can supply hard anodized aluminum rear sprockets for this bike we also prefer to use STEEL REAR SPROCKETS as they just hold up way better to the massive horserpower ratings coming from these bikes under race conditions

The DID ZVM-X 520 chain is rated to 1200cc's by their standards and only weighs .3 of a lb more than the ERV3 520. It has become increasingly popular with our customers after being proven to withstand the abuses of 200+hp racebikes over an entire season of racing.

If you are unsure of what gearing you would like or have additional questions feel free to call us 831-394-1330 and one of us will help you decide on the gearing that best suits your needs

Please Note: if you have installed aftermarket wheels you may need sprockets that are not the same type as what originally came on your bike.