530 Conversion Kit for Honda 919 with 17/44 Sprockets

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  • Item #: 919530-17/44
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Price $185.00
I have always said there is zero reason to have a 530 chain on the 919 and everyone knows the 520 Kit we have sold hundreds and hundreds of is bulletproof, but there are some purists out there that still demand 530 Chain kits and the real bottom line here is MONEY TALKS so I have a ridiculously good deal I am passing on just to get these old 530 sprockets off my shelf.

I am in a position to offer my fellow 919 brethren a special run of 530 Chain kits using the brand new DID VO "Natural" O-Ring Chain with original AFAM Hard Anodized 530 Alloy Rear Sprockets for $185 Shipped in the CONUS. Some of the 44T are even the grey colored PTFE coated impossible to get sprockets from before they went to the bronze hard anodizing color. Color choice is solely first come, first served and there is no guarantee we have the color you want available

No International Sales or Shipping will be offered on this kit

This is first come, first served and very limited quantities I think I have about 5 of the 44T Alloy Sprockets and 6 of the 43T Alloy Sprockets and maybe 2 of the 45T Sprockets. I can couple these with 16T or 17T Front Sprockets at your discretion.

If you want a different gearing combination than the 17/44 just tell us in the special instructions during the checkout process

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