520 Conversion Kit for Honda 919 with 17/44 Sprockets

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Price $220.00


Our most popular gearing choice for the Honda 919 - Top of the line DID ERV3 520 Gold Chain with Drive Sytems Alloy or Superlight Steel Sprockets

Other gearing selections are available and can be easily purchased here

You will not find a better 520 lightweight race chain on the market. I use or have used these ERV3 520 chains on the RC51, GSXR1000 K5, 1000RR's and the Duc's all the way up to the 1098R's. As long as you keep it clean and properly adjusted you won't have any issues with it not wearing as long and in my experience longer than 530 OEM chains

DID has recently come out with a brand new ZVM-X 520 chain that is rated to 1200cc's by their standards and only weighs .3 of a lb more than the ERV3 520 and has become increasingly popular with our customers. You can choose this chain as an option over the ERV3 at no additional cost, but I assure you the ERV3 chain is already more chain than the 919 requires.

The newest option we are offering are the Drive Systems Superlight Steel Rear Sprockets. These sprockets are slightly heavier than the hard anodized aluminum alloy sprockets, but they are still lighter than the OEM steel sprockets. They are also significantly cheaper and obviously will last longer than aluminum so if longevity is your goal rather than outright weight loss these are an excellent choice for you. I have been personally using them on my track only 1000RR and Gen 4 ZX-10R now for several seasons and they still look new

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