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  • Item #: Thrust Bearing for Type 46 Shock
  • Manufacturer: Kyle Racing
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Price $28.00

Thrust Bearing for Type 46 Ohlins Shocks
does not work on TTX style shocks due to the smaller diameter shock springs



As a shock spring compresses it rotates and since it is pressed directly up against the collar & under tension there is a lot of friction generated

These bearings help to remove that friction and provide for a more linear graph of the spring rate.

Each set of 2 races & one bearing is approx. 1/8" thick



This mod is not for everyone. The bearing & races are made from steel & WILL RUST if you do not keep them greased!!! Excessive oiling or grease will obviously attract dirt & debris reducing the effectiveness of the bearing. Having said that, the bearings work very well especially on shocks with longer springs like the RC51 & FZ-09 to help create a much more linear travel of the shock rate.

Extra care would need to be taken to insure these parts stay in good working conditon & I simply cannot condone this mod for streetbikes that are ridden in all weather conditions or riders that don't work on their bikes regularly etc...

Also be aware that when installing these on the shock you must adjust the initial collar preload by the thickness of the bearing assembly (3mm)